Ep. 153

"Sign of the Times"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason saw a Hillary Clinton peek its head out to see her shadow and somehow we're still living this dystopian alternate reality, BUT THE LADIES FIGHT ON! Patti LaBelle is back in the kitchen, Glenn Close is back inside Norma Desmond, Jane Fonda is back on the activism circuit, and maybe things will be okay. ALSO: Salma Hayek has to slap Shirley MacLaine woke, congrats to Betty Buckley on her horse math doctorate, Ryan's complicated relationship with Susan Sarandon, the horror in Joan Collins' London flat, whether Dr. Who will regenerate as a Lady, why Miriam Margolyes might be coming to a toilet VERY near you, questions about the depreciation rate of Mary Hart's assets, momentum builds on the Pet Clark jukebox musical, Oprah's 60 minutes back in the spotlight (and her 57 varieties in the freezer), dueling Kitty Menendezes, and MUCH MUCH MORE!