Ep. 154

"Safety in Numbers"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason sing the praises of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's rage and encourage the fearless persistence of Ladies of all stripes against the tyranny of male suppression, plus speculation about who will be the next lucky owner of the newly-listed Grey Gardens (and advice for Suzanne Somers on why her Palm Springs palace isn't selling), how Bjork does or doesn't sleep in America, the right and wrong way to approach a Martha Stewart in its natural snowy habitat, Oprah's new Lady film reboot, Marcia Gay Harden's social media promotions deemed too risqué even for the producers of Fifty Shades Darker, and Vanessa Williams enlists a pet psychic on two separate occasions to mixed results. ALSO: Ryan gushes about a major upcoming Lady project in which he is actually involved, Shirley MacLaine's habitual on-set kicks, a pitch for a Cybill Shepherd multi-cam Martha Stewart sitcom, Jasmine Guy is back at a TV college, Carol Burnett vs. Leslie Jones living in your walls, shame to Jean Smart's ungrateful son, and MUCH MUCH MORE!