"What is LadyWatch?"

LADYWATCH WITH RYAN & JASON is a weekly topical comedy podcast examining female representation in media, entertainment, and pop culture, focusing exclusively on women who are over the age of 50 (with the exception of those Ladies who for many years were eligible early under our now-defunct Céline Dion Clause).

Affectionately referred to as "the Ladies", each one of the 1,000+ women approved for The Lady List have been given a LadyWatch Google Alert to ensure that no story falls through the cracks of criminal indifference that is so frequently shown to these egregiously undervalued members of the popular culture. 

Join hosts Ryan O'Connor and Jason Powell every Monday as they comb through these hundreds of news alerts to bring listeners an irreverent conversational digest of everything these incredible Ladies are doing right now!

Ryan, Jason, and a dedicated army of LadyWatchers are pushing female icon worship from gay cliche to active cause; Taking up the fight against a culture obsessed with youth, and waging war on a mass media intent upon objectifying and devaluing women of all ages, races and backgrounds.

Join our mission to let these voices and stories be heard!

Don't be a purse nelly...



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