Ep. 156

"All I Wanna Do"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason make Lady Oscar predictions and discuss drama surrounding Meryl's dress and bad press, Alfre Woodard's annual dismissal of the press, and Faye Dunaway just looking for any kind of press. Also, the squeaky Melinda Gates on contraception, the Lisa Frank unicorn lippy collection, and Reba singing gospel and NOT talking about the election. PLUS: Sheryl Crow's favorite lace robe-not-a-robe from Stevie Nicks, Katey Sagal's career-not-a-career from Gene Simmons, and Brenda Blethyn's memories-not-her-memories of the school play. AND: Trapped on a boat with Sheila E., trapped on an island with Patti LaBelle, and trapped in your own mind with Catherine Keener, and MUCH MUCH MORE!