Ep. 174

"Orinoco Flow"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason are BACK, and SO MUCH has happened! While Ryan did some major LadyWatching in New York, Jason did some lower-level LadyWatching of his own in the cemetery. PLUS - The bounty of Lady riches in the 2017 Emmy nominations, the gift of Olivia de Havilland dusting off her favorite Law Suit from the closet to give Ryan Murphy an epilogue for his "Feud", the Academy welcomes a huge swath of new Lady members to their ranks (and elect a new Lady to their esteemed Board of Governors!), stirring old beef with Lollobrigida vs. Loren and Sharon Stone vs. Madonna (and why Whitney Houston can't even catch a break from this story in death). ALSO: A new species of Enya fish, a revenge fantasy for Susan Boyle's mob of yobs, Billie Jean King takes Emma Stone to school on whitewashing, a newly minted Dame on Queen Elizabeth's Annual Birthday Honor List sets a royal record, Melanie Griffith naked in Laguna, "The Simpsons" Ladies in a cagematch, and MUCH MUCH MORE!