But first, a little housekeeping -
We are committed to dedicating 10% of all subscription & merch proceeds to

That means, in addition to all the rewards you receive at any level of LadyPatronage, you'll contribute to the pot of annual funds we donate to this incredible non-profit! The namesake Lady and her team are dilligently "working within the media and entertainment industry to engage, educate, and influence content creators and audiences about the importance of eliminating unconditional bias, highlighting gender balance, challenging stereotypes, creating role models and scripting a wide variety of strong female characters in entertainment and media that targets and influences children ages 11 and under."



Your monthly contribution of any amount automatically inducts you into the LadyPatron program at the "Céline DiHonorable" level.

That's right, even by making a recurring commitment to LadyWatch of just $1 a month, you'll unlock access to all the exclusive bonus content made available only to our subscribers!

That's a lot of Céline for your literal buck! 



Monthly or annual: IT'S YOUR CHOICE!
You can subscribe to any of the LadyPatron levels listed below with either an automatic monthly contribution through our partner Patreon, or as a single annual subscription payment made securely right here on the website.

As a bonus, subscribe with an annual LadyPatronage at either the "Nifty Fifty" or "Leslie Muggams" level and you'll save 10% over a monthly subscription!

So then, besides the obvious pride in being an integral part of LadyWatch's continued growth as a show and a movement, what will a LadyPatron subscription actually get you?


Céline DiHonorable Level
($1/month, $12/year)

  • Lady Interview Episodes

    That's right, LadyWatchers... WE'RE FINALLY DOING IT. If you become a LadyPatron for no other reason, this should be the one. With the help of your contributions, we will be able to bring you frequent conversations with actual Ladies of the list! This is a benefit that our subscribers will help fund for the enjoyment of ALL LadyWatchers, not just LadyPatrons, although you alone will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your decision to contribute is the only reason we can produce these episodes at all!

    You'll hear Ryan & Jason having in-depth discussions with a wide variety of these fascinating women about their personal experiences being of Lady age in the entertainment industry, as well as stories about Ladies they've worked with, what Ladies inspired them growing up (and who they look to for inspiration now), where they plan on taking their careers in the new Geena Davis mediascape, and advice on what we can all do to further the goal of Lady visibility everywhere.

    We are insanely excited to get these episodes going and to meet as many Ladies as our resources will allow. It is absolutely true that the more LadyPatrons we have at ANY level, the more ambitious these interviews can get! Just look at that Lady List folks, sky's the limit!

PLUS - Unlimited Access to Subscriber-Only Bonus Content, Including:

  • LadyWatcher AudioBook Club

    We've been doing it unofficially for years, but now with your help, we will regularly select Lady audiobooks that LadyWatchers can join in "reading", culminating in a bonus episode focused exclusively on deconstructing what we've all just heard. These shows will occasionally feature guests who have also "read" the material, or who are perhaps are just general experts on the subject at hand.

Selections will not just be Lady memoirs... we will select a variety of listening materials as long as they are relevant to the Ladies, both past and present. Stay tuned for ways in which you will be able to participate in the selection process as well!  

  • LadyWatcher Movie Night

Much like the AudioBook Club, we will periodically select films either created by Ladies, featuring an abundance of Ladies, or better yet, both! We'll make sure the films are accessible to stream, and when you've seen it, we'll be there to talk about it in a bonus episode.  

Selection subjects and genres will run the gamut, and we will frequently feature guests to enliven the conversation!

All this, available to each & every LadyWatcher who becomes a LadyPatron at any level!

"But what if I have a little more to give?"


Nifty Fifty Level
($5/month, $54/year)

Don't be fooled by the name, for any subscription above $5 a month you will receive:

  • 50% Off LadyWatch Merchandise

Your $5+ a month will bring you a unique and personalized 50% discount code to use on any and all current and future merchandise sold through our LadyWatch store for as long as you're a subscriber! Of course, for now that will only get you half-off the cost of our signature LadyMugs, but we plan for this benefit to pay off in spades as we get creative in developing all kinds of LadyWatch-branded gear: wearables, drinkables, pin-ables, stick-ables, all manner of "-ables"!

In the meantime, become a LadyPatron at $5+ and then use your discount code to get that LadyMug for half-off! 

And finally, for any high rollers out there with $8 a month or more to spare.....

Leslie Muggams Level
($8/month, $86/year)

Hucka-the-bejeepers, we're gonna give you a:


That's right, if you help us kick this campaign off right with a subscription of $8 or more a month, your LadyMug will automatically be on its way to you within the week! No shipping, no handling, no tax, just a LadyMug showing up at your doorstep as a token of our greatest esteem for your confidence in us, and as a promise of things to come.

We have big things planned for LadyPatrons who can give generously, and we cannot wait until we reach our goals so that we can share these extra levels of surprises and rewards sooner rather than later. 

This is only the start, LadyWatchers! The more LadyPatrons we have, the bigger this operation can grow. We are shaking with excitement at the prospect of having the freedom to really unleash every ounce of creativity we have into trying new things and building on the Lady movement. We're all in this together, and we cannot do it without YOU!!!


"What if I'd rather make a single donation to the cause right now, but for an amount less than $12?"

Um, YES CERTAINLY BY ALL MEANS, PLEASE DO SO! Every little bit helps, and the more capital we have to play with, the more enticing we can make our subscription benefits down the road so you'll just HAVE to become a LadyPatron!  ;)