Ep. 215

"Que Sera, Sera"

LADYWATCH RETURNS with a special SUPER-SIZE "State of the Lady" address from Ryan and Jason, featuring Memorial remembrances for Ladies who have passed since September 2018, and before the year passes by, sorting through just a few of the biggest Lady stories from the first half of 2019.

Ep. 214

"Born in a Trunk"

Ryan and Jason celebrate 81 years of "A STAR IS BORN" with a special retrospective examining every aspect of the 1937, 1954, 1976, and 2018 versions of the classic Cinderella melodrama. From the murky origins of its inspiration, to why Hollywood is drawn to these self-reflective themes of fame and addiction again and again, plus what makes each incarnation of this story unique and what binds them together. Ryan and Jason also detail their personal feelings about each version before landing on a LadyWatch ruling of the definitive film in the series, and who between Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, and Lady Gaga takes the crown as the ultimate titular Star!

Ep. 211

"Like Sugar"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason dive into the release of Barbra Streisand's concert archives on Netflix, Roseanne's extrication from her sitcom (and what this means for Natalie West), Nicole Kidman cleaning up at Amazon with a new deal, Martina McBride gets into trouble for mistreatment of unpaid interns, Heather Locklear is held in psychiatric lockdown after desperate threats of suicide, Jane Fonda makes a surprising residential life choice, Patricia Hearst makes a surprising defense of Chris Hardwick, and Elaine Paige makes a surprisingly toxic statement about sexual harassment. PLUS: Jackée Harry advocates for PrEP, Joan Baez wears the wrong shoes to da club, Pamela Anderson is still making ALL the wrong friends, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Ep. 210

"Song for Sharon"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason speculate as to the source of the erroneous news story that Liza Minnelli and Renee Zellweger have become friends as a result of the new "Judy" movie, and what Lorna Luft might have to say about the project. PLUS: Kim Dickens is not happy about the treatment of her "Fear of the Walking Dead" character, Martina Navratilova is not happy about the BBC's color commentary pay scale, and Glenda Jackson is not happy about having to learn the actual name of her Broadway director. ALSO: Leslie Uggams and Renee Fleming visit backstage at "Carousel" on Broadway and bond over forgotten lyrics, Kathy Griffin comes to Lisa Lampanelli's defense agains TMZ, Sophia Loren is still smashing champagne bottles, Joni Mitchell's hometown finally makes peace with their most famous daughter, Dame Judi Dench will tell you to fuck off if you ask whether she has a career, and much much more! 

Ep. 207


On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason experience Jackie Hoffman's one-woman show about working on "Feud" with Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, "Memoircita". PLUS: Frances McDormand stuns all at the Met Gala, Nichelle Nichols' son is steering his mother away from potentially sticky situations, Bjork has a ballet, Natalie West has a masters degree, Mary Steenburgen has a musical neurological breakthrough, Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen pitch a remake of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Ep. 206

"There Is Nothing Like a Dame"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason unpack how Céline Dion ended up in a music video for 'Deadpool 2' and why she is the only Lady for the job, Also: LADIES SITTING AROUND TABLES! A clip from the upcoming documentary featuring Dames Joan Plowright, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, and Eileen Atkins, and Ryan also recounts (for those of us who are not watching the Roseanne reboot) a scene that featured the Lady money shot of Laurie Metcalf, Estelle Parsons, Sandra Bernhardt, and the Lady campaign recipient herself, Natalie West. PLUS: Olivia de Havilland demands another day in court, Angela Davis appears on a $500 t-shirt, Sandra Bullock officially need not fear her stalker any more, Pamela Anderson's strange friendship and why she's the new WikiLeaks, the elder abuse of Elaine Brown results in astronomical compensatory damages, Molly Ringwald's father is saved aboard a Southwest flight, Jean Smart’s surprising genealogy lesson, and MUCH MUCH MORE...

Ep. 205

"Ring Them Bells"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason go to see Liza's beads and sequins on display at the Paley Center for her upcoming auction and get to see a sneak preview of the sexcapades had by Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Diane Keaton, and Mary Steenburgen in "Book Club". PLUS: Jason announces his upcoming Hollywood Fringe show about Judy Garland, Olivia Newton John opposes the upcoming TV biopic about her life, Lady takes on the Cosby win from Janice Dickinson, Terry McMillan, Robin Quivers, and Lisa Bonet (and why we should give her and Ann Curry the entire chocolate factory in light of this news), Isabella Rossellini makes a surprising choice about the handling of her own personal sexual assault story, Camilla Parker Bowles' hair stands on end after a ghostly encounter, why we have Cher to thank for Adam Rippon's harnesswear, Shania Twain is dragged to empty dancehalls for her uninformed views of American politics, and MUCH MUCH MORE.

Ep. 204

"Killing Me Softly"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason touch briefly on the spotty legacy of former First Lady Barbara Bush, express surprise at Bette Midler tapping out Bernadette Peters for the closing of "Hello Dolly" on Broadway (and why this is good news for Betty Buckley), and ponder whether are union jobs to be had as part of Gabrielle Carteris' call for an end to Hollywood meetings in hotel rooms. PLUS: Tina Knowles had concerns about Beychella, Tina Turner's high standards for her new bio musical in the West End, Tyne Daly joins the "Murphy Brown" reboot, Michelle Pfeiffer is caught in an awkward panel question about her weight in the 80s, Jane Goodall is immortalized in bronze holding a palm nut, why Frances Conroy prefers ratty roles over the mousey ones, cruise news featuring Lainie Kazan in a spinning chair and a country music festival on the S.S. Gay Bash, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Ep. 203

"So Macho"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason investigate some mysterious events at Lady performance art exhibitions, namely who would steal a rock from Yoko Ono's riverbed of wisdom, and how Marina Abromovic is going to survive a shock of one million volts to blow out a candle afterwards. PLUS: Patti LuPone shoots her mouth off again (this time shading Uma Thurman's Broadway acting chops), Liza bounces back (as usual), Margaret Atwood backs a Time's Up movement in Canada, Molly Ringwald reevaluates the films that made her a superstar, why Kathleen Turner had to wear sneakers for a TV appearance, the death of Mitzi Shore brings up a story about the time Jason literally got sweated out of The Comedy Store, news of the death of 'Mozart in the Jungle' almost finishes off Ryan himself, and MUCH MUCH MORE.

Ep. 202

"Don't Make Me Over"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason cover yet another in Barbie in the new Sheroes line, extolling the virtues and examining the blemishes of Iris Apfel's legacy, plus Judge Judith Sheindlin cashes in her NOT unreasonable $45 million salary, Loretta Switt cashes in on poop bags, Dame Maggie Smith cashes in on 1980s Hogwarts RPG enthusiasts, Meryl Streep is called upon to cash in on the death of friend Carrie Fisher, Laurie Anderson cashes in on Hurricane Sandy, Elvira cashes in on a store that is DEFINITELY not a Hot Topic ripoff, Dame Helen Mirren's tattoo artists and removers cash in, and yet Dionne Warwick finds that Paradise is NOT the place to cash in. ALSO: Elizabeth Hurley's nephew's stab wound elicits a warning to all of London, Madeleine Albright's fascism warning to the world, a warning to Betty Buckley about avoiding flying axes in Colonial Williamsburg, and MUCH MUCH MORE.

Ep. 201

"Another Winter in a Summer Town"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason usher in a new age of LadyWatching, newly-minted as "the only podcast dedicated to celebrating women over the age of 50", and formally welcome Céline Dion to her 50s. PLUS: Roseanne's successful return to television causes a rift in opinion about normalization between Ryan, Jason, AND THE ENTIRE WORLD, Olivia de Havilland's court feud with Ryan Murphy comes to an end (for now), an exciting NEW "Grey Gardens" documentary starring Lee Radziwill and both Edies, Star Jones figures out a new best way to have a late-life destination wedding, Rita Moreno's curtain entrances live on at Netflix for another year, Molly Ringwald has conflicted views about reboots, another "Sex and the City" endorsement for Cynthia Nixon's gubernatorial campaign from a surprising source, what Ryan traded for a makeout with Janice Dickinson, how long Sigourney Weaver can hold her breath under water (and why Frances Fisher can beat that), an extended cut of Ryan's Cherry Jones impression, Margo Martindale vs. Ann Dowd, Connie Ray vs. Park Overall, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Ep. 200

"Quiet Please, There's a Lady Onstage"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason mark the momentous occasion that the last 5 years of LadyWatching have been leading up to: Celine Marie Claudette Dion's 50th birthday. It comes with some sad news about the status of her 50th birthday concert in Las Vegas, for which Ryan and Jason hold tickets, but hopefully good news for the future of Celine's third ear (and Liza's only ear). PLUS: Cynthia Nixon's under-qualified lesbian gubernatorial campaign, well-wishes to Lorna Luft on her recent health scare, Kathy Griffin's return from the penalty box, a new Australian TV movie chronicling Olivia Newton John's life (and missing fiancé), Vivienne Westwood's issue with the documentary (not) chronicling her activism, Salma Hayek's issue with the Frida Kahlo Barbie doll, lessons on how to start a cult from Netflix's "Wild Wild Country", a celebration of the celebration of Michelle Obama's celebrated portrait, Dr. Ruth's sniper credentials, why Magda Davitt wants to get rid of Sinead O'Connor, and much much more!

Ep. 199

"I Need a Hero"

On this week’s LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason follow up on the post-Oscars fallout from Frances McDormand’s unattended award (and debate the intricacies of the law’s definition of “theft”). PLUS: Jodie Foster’s crutches eventually explained, what Katherine Johnson has against Legos, Christine Baranski micro-doses on CBS All Access, Cicely Tyson’s beef cube farm, Julianne Moore’s fight against outdated statute of limitations laws, Dianne Feinstein faces the first significant challenge in recent memory to her longtime Senate seat, whether Dame Judi Dench is responsible for a tree fungus in the UK, a first for Laura Dern’s career, Isabella Rossellini brings her circus to London, a crash course in feminist literature in the submissions, and MUCH MUCH MORE.

Ep. 198

"The Way We Were"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda:Ryan and Jason are BACK from hiatus with a show jam-packed with Ladies! Ryan recounts his trip to New York with LadyWatching stories courtesy of Bernadette Peters, Lorna Luft, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Harriet Harris, and a new inductee who remains silent as Ryan is escorted off an airplane! Plus: Barbra Streisand gets serious about pet cloning, we finally get a "Book Club" trailer featuring Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen and SEX, details on how Céline Dion intends to spend her impending 50th birthday (and how she shakes hands with her late husband before every show), Liza Minnelli puts her life up on the auction block, Monique and Whoopi go at it on "The View" without really going at it (and what sticks in our craw about Whoopi "Hello Dolly" rumors), Heather Locklear is need of some serious help, Sally Kirkland's head found the serious help it needed, and Kim Cattrall does NOT want help of ANY kind from Sarah Jessica Parker EVER again. Also, much much more!

Ep. 197

"I Put My Hand In"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason discuss Lady appearances at the LA Women's March, including Alfre Woodard, Viola Davis, and Melissa Ethridge; PLUS: Bernadette Peters cycles into Broadway's "Hello Dolly", Mo'Nique is PISSED (again), Dame Helen Mirren doesn't know her age, Dolly Parton is in hot water in Dixie (but not with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin thanks to Lisa Kudrow), Ann Curry makes her first TV appearance after the Matt Lauer fallout (and why Ryan thinks Katie Couric is a villain of the piece), Sharon Stone laughs off a ridiculous question to ask Sharon Stone, Cher comes to Mardi Gras, plus speculation about whether Minnie Mouse is polyamorous, and much much more!

Ep. 196

"Don't Leave Me This Way"

On this week's LadyWatch agenda: Ryan and Jason sift through some complicated feelings and thoughts about the political fallout from Oprah Winfrey's incredible Golden Globes speech, and wrap up all the rest of the Lady wins from the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, including speeches from Frances McDormand, Laura Dern, Nicole Kidman, Amy Sherman-Palladino, and Allison Janney, and a lot of overwhelmingly wonderful feminist activism all around. PLUS: Lady superstar of 2017 Ms. Rose Marie dies, Catherine Deneuve and hundreds of other French women take a head-scratching stance on the Me Too movement, Lainie Kazan is caught red-handed refusing an opportunity to pay for groceries at Gelson's, Dontella Versace is unhappy with Ryan Murphy's miniseries despite the fact that she's being portrayed by Lady-in-Waiting/Goddess Penelope Cruz, Hoda Kotb celebrates a promotion in rank at NBC even if her salary doesn't match her predecessor's (yet), Ryan fixates on a Lady whom he believes resembles fellow-Lady Miss Piggy while Jason squirms uncomfortably, CCH Pounder shares her art, Anita Baker IS retiring after all, Kyra Sedgwick cannot ever be counted out, and MUCH MUCH MORE.